LCpl Alec Terwiske of Dubois killed by roadside bomb while serving in Afghanistan

WITZ News has learned that Lance Corporal Alec Terwiske of Dubois has been killed in action in Afghanistan. Unconfirmed reports say that the 21-year-old Marine was killed by a roadside bomb.

The news was delivered to Terwiske’s family on Monday. His parents are Sandy (Eckert) Terwiske and Alan Terwiske of Dubois.

He was a 2010 graduate of Northeast Dubois High School. Terwiske joined the Marines in 2010 and left for Afghanistan in April on his first tour of duty.

The details of his death have not yet been released by the Defense Department in Washington.


  • kody

    There are no words to say. so young. MY CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY. I WILL PUT YOU IN OUR PRAYERS.


  • Leigh Kaufer

    Thoughts going out to the brothers and families.

    Mark and Leigh Kaufer

  • Sean Cadigan

    My prayers are with you. Sean, Monica Cadigan.

  • kevin

    My Son told me he lost his first buddy in Combat and i was so sad and upset. My condolences to you and your family. Semper Fi from a former Marine whose Son is in harms way.