Letter: Coal-to-diesel plant should be denied permit

I am a citizen and constituent in Perry County and am writing to implore the immediate removal/denial of the proposal for the Coal to Diesel Plant in Dale.

This plant will bring cancer, leukemia, birth defects, autism, asthma and other devastating health issues to all of the citizens of this area. We can only guess how bad because no testing has been done on this kind of technology. We do know what coal-fired plants do to human health. This would be exponentially worse — poisoning air, water and soil not to mention impacting the quality of life with a constant rotten egg smell.

A Coal-to-Diesel plant proposed with devastating pollution to our area. An area that is already one of the worst in the nation for air quality and all of the health issues that are already tormenting us.

A Coal-to-Diesel plant proposed in our area when all of the authorities on our climate and environment are desperately warning us that we have 10 years to stop fossil fuel emissions before irreversible cataclysmic weather patterns create massive death, destruction and economic trauma.

A Coal-to-Diesel plant proposed when coal and fossil fuel use is being phased out in countries like Ireland as well as by companies, universities and state and local governments. It will be obsolete and Southern Indiana will be left without job training for the future and its citizens suffering from its toxic pollution or dead.

AP: A report by U.S. Energy Information Administration projects 2018 will see lowest U.S. coal consumption since 1979, second-greatest number on record of coal-fired power plants shutting down.

Coal Ash pollution leaching into fresh groundwater supplies for humans & livestock.

The fourth National Climate Assessment, commissioned by Congress and compiled by over 300 scientists from 13 federal agencies, warns that rising temperatures and more extreme weather patterns will have a devastating impact on the environment in the Midwest. Yields could drop by 5 to 25 percent for corn and more than 25 percent in the southern half of the Midwest for soybeans, said the latest National Climate Assessment, which is released every four years and required by law. Farmers will likely be paying more to control increased disease, pests and soil erosion- levels not seen since the 1980s, when drought and flooding were detrimental to crop yields.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which predicts that wind and solar will be cheaper than coal and gas generators by 2027, and electric vehicles could make up 25 percent of the global car fleet by 2040. The peak year for coal, gas, and oil looks to be 2025, and then it’s all downhill from there. For big oil guys, at least. “You can’t fight the future,” says lead researcher, Seb Henbest. “The economics are increasingly locked in.”Released on Monday, Bloomberg’s New Energy Outlook report has found that US$11.4 trillion will be invested in new energy sources over the next 25 years, and two thirds of that will go towards renewables, particularly wind and solar.

Any new coal plants will mostly be cropping up in India and other emerging markets in Asia. Coal and gas will begin their terminal decline in less than a decade.

Be a hero and ensure your re-election from a new generation of workers by investing in our future. Let’s entice and fund solar and wind turbine manufacturing. Train computer coders and technological services.

There is no real data on the health effects of this plant so you have no way to confidently and with a clear conscience, assure us and our children that our health will not be gravely affected.

There are no accurate or reliable air monitors in our area. Our lives are in your hands.

Please ask God for the highest and best good that you can do. May God guide our hearts and actions with the Love of Christ,

Amy Benningfield

Leopold, Ind.

2 Responses to Letter: Coal-to-diesel plant should be denied permit

  1. Walt & Janice Thompson December 11, 2018 at 11:17 am #

    Thank you Amy! Hope the people that are for this plant will have their eyes opened to the effects if this plant is built in our town of Dale. Not worth the jobs or the pollution!

  2. Daryl Hensley December 11, 2018 at 3:52 pm #

    The data is clear and undeniable that the Riverview Energy plant will have a minimal impact on the environment. IDEM has confirmed and restricted the emissions in the plant and EPA will be monitoring the facility closely, as it does with AK Steel and AEP.

    All of the baseless false statements and fear mongering by NOC2D and their supporters will only hurt their credibility.

    Riverview will be creating 255 high paying jobs, 2000 construction jobs and 250-500 support jobs in the region.

    Southern Indiana, according to the EPA, IDEM and the National Cancer Society, ranks as one of the cleanest area’s in the United States.

    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN