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2023 Jasper Strassenfest in full swing

The 2023 Jasper Strassenfest continues Friday through Sunday. This year, the festival celebrates the city’s designation as the 2022 Strongest Town in the USA and the 20th year of ROJAC, Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition. 

ROJAC was instrumental in transforming the Patoka River Front into a celebration of Jasper’s Rich German History. Those projects paved the way for many of the developments that put Jasper in the lead for the 2022 Strongest Town designation.

A schedule of events can be found here.

Here are a few photos from Thursday’s opening ceremonies. Photos by Matthew and Amy Crane.

Allen Ondiek, 9, headed out to drop off his cardboard costume after taking part in the annual Lions Club of Jasper Box Parade before the opening ceremony of the Jasper Strassenfest on Thursday.
Miss Strassenfest, Darby Patton, Jr. Miss, Mya Uebelhor, ring the bell to begin the opening ceremony of the 2023 Jasper Strassenfest.
The Kinderchor perform during the opening ceremony Thursday evening. Amelia Grothouse, 10, is the center performer. She said she loves taking part in the German Heritage performances.
Pfaffenweiller Mayor Lukas Mahler joined Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide and Deutscherverein Representative Landen Weidenbenner (holding the lantern) and Brandon Ferguson (right). Landen and Brandon are the 2023 Hosts as well.
The children prepare to perform the traditional Maibaum (Maypole) Dance during the German Heritage portion of opening ceremonies Thursday evening. In the photo, Orianna Hercules, 6, waits to receive her ribbon as the children prepare to spread for the dance.
Members of the Jasper High School Performing Arts danced a traditional German dance on the main stage Thursday evening.
A new addition to this year’s German Heritage performances was the Bankertanz (Bench Dance). The children have been practicing since January to perform the fun dance with the wooden benches at the German Heritage Night performance.
This year’s parade to the beer garden included banners representing the 16 states in Germany.
Jim Corn helped lead the parade carrying the Jasper Strassenfest banner with his wife, Rita, and Dave and Nancy Prechtel. The parade stopped in front of the Strassenfest Glockenspiel for the opening performance during the parade to the beer garden on Thursday. He leaned over to talk about the lifesize glockenspiel that he designed and spent months building with help from several volunteers.
The kinderchor perform the first of many renditions of the Strassenfest Waltz in the glockenspiel Thursday evening.
Seraphina Luke, 3, was enthralled by the fun chocolate game, Das Schokospiel.
During Das Schokospiel, the children sit in a circle taking turns unraveling a ball of plastic wrap to uncover coins worth chocolate prizes. The unraveling continues as a special wooden die it tossed until landing with a special side indicating the ball had to be passed to the next person in line and the die tossing would commence again.
Laura and Paul Grammer polka in the bier garten after opening ceremonies Thursday evening.
Mitch Faulkenberg, 8, took several turns getting tossed off the mechanical bull in the ride area Thursday evening.
Henley Miller, 5, cheered and reacted as his dad, Cam, competed in the log sawing contest Thursday evening.
Miss Strassenfest Second Runner Up Adina Moss struggled as she competed in the log sawing contest with her teammate, Miss Congeniality Aaliyah Peraza.
The rides were in full swing Thursday evening.