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2024 Celestine Streetfest fun

Saturday was for fun, food, entertainment and friends at the Celestine Streetfest.

Here are a few photos of this year’s celebration, which included the newest addition: a fire truck pulling contest.

Jada Massey, 3, of Dubois, earned her first-place trophy in the 30 to 35 lb weight class at the Pedal Tractor Pull at the Celestine Streetfest on Saturday—photo by Matt Crane.
Adam Gilbert urged his daughter, Kylie, 8, on as she participated in the Pedal Tractor Pull at the Celestine Streetfest Saturday morning—photo by Matt Crane.
Kade Schroering, 6, woke up Saturday morning and decided to take a run in the Pedal Tractor Pull at the Celestine Streetfest, said dad, Brad Schroering—photo by Matt Crane.
Avery Schmitt, 11, Celestine, struggled with the small tractor during the Pedal Pull Saturday morning at the Celestine Streetfest—photo by Matt Crane.
Leon Knies made an intense run at the Pedal Tractor Pull Saturday morningphoto by Matt Crane.
Jake Beyke, 10, and his pygmy goat, Paula, toured the Streetfest Saturday morning. Paula is two months old and participated in the Pet Parade—photo by Amy Crane.
Haystacks on the wayphoto by Amy Crane.
Haystacks and turkey tenders were a hit during the Celestine Streetfest. A band of volunteers kept the haystacks coming, with one group keeping the spiral potato cutter busy and another frying and salting them up before heading out of the booth—photo by Matt Crane.
The tables were full of participants in the Sheephead tournament Saturday morning at the Streetfest. Ed Schepers of St. Anthony contemplated his hand in one of the many rounds of the tournament—photo by Matt Crane.
Eugene Burke has been playing Sheephead all his life. In this round, he faced off against Andy Hartings, Dan Livingston and Brenda Hildenbrand. While Dan attempted to explain the complicated game to this photographer, a nearby player mentioned they played by Dubois County rules—photo by Matt Crane.
The Clogging Clovers performed in front of the main stage Saturday morning—photo by Amy Crane.
Dubois Boy Scout Troop 170 Scout Master Andrew Schroering scooped up ice cream for the Clogging Clovers team after their performance—photo by Amy Crane.
Jeeps Cheer Leading Squad members served lemon shakeups at the Streetfest. Emmy Kellams, 15, (left) and Abby Tower, 18, prepared a shakeup Saturday morning. The booth sold out by mid-afternoonphoto by Amy Crane.
Palmer Linne, 2, and her cousin, Cortland Bretz, 3, hung out at the cornhole contest area Saturday morning at the Streetfest. Palmer lay on her stomach to look through the opening in the board while the girls played together—photo by Amy Crane.
Phil Hasenour, Logan Clark, Tanner Beckman and Derek Schmitt cheer the second Celestine Team on during the competition. The teams of five were required to pull a fire engine with 1,000 gallons of water about 50 feet for time. The average time of two pulls was used to determine the winners—photo by Matt Crane.
The Fire Truck Pull was a hit, with six teams competing for a traveling trophy this year. St. Anthony Volunteer Fire Department showed up and participated in their turn-out gear. Their team consisted of Wes Weyer, Bailey Schulz, Marshal Lueken, Reese Verkamp, and Chase Verkamp—photo by Amy Crane.
Jasper Firefighter Patrick Durcholz struggled as the Jasper team pulled the 30,000-pound fire engine 50 feet—photo by Amy Crane.
Celestine Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ryan Wineinger urged one of the Celestine teams on during the competition—photo by Amy Crane.
The St. Anthony team took a refreshment break between roundsphoto by Matt Crane.
Ryan Wineinger, Celestine Fire Chief, led the pull for the team comprised of Jasper Chief Kenny Hochgesang, Dubois Chief Steve Kalb, Birdseye Chief Craig Englert, and St. Anthony Chief Scott Uebelhor. Wineinger said they threw the chief team together at the last minute—photo by Matt Crane.
The Celestine Volunteer Fire Department team, comprised of Chris Hasenour, Todd Goepfrich, Kurt Sermersheim, Nick Hasenour, and Pat Hasenour, celebrated their win in the fire truck pull. Chief Ryan Wineinger held up an axe presented to the team for their win. A traveling trophy is being made but was unavailable in time for the event—photo by Matt Crane.
Blake Schroering took a bucket of water in the face as part of the NE Dubois Band Booster Fundraiser booth—photo by Matt Crane.
Reagan Merkley, 10, flung a ball across the gaga ball pit during some fierce and fun competition Saturday evening at the Celestine Streetfest—photo by Matt Crane.
The 2024 Celestine Streetfest.
The Celestine Community Park committee celebrates a citizen each year with a Distinguished Service Award presented during the Celestine Streetfest. This year’s nominees included Tony Buechler, Kaddy, Madelyn and Jason Merkel, Glen Schepers, Larry Schepers, Teresa and Jeremy Betz, and Gary Hasenourphoto by Amy Crane.
Gary Hasenour is this year’s Celestine Distinguished Service Award winner. Mr. Hasenour noted that he learned about service through his father, who regularly plowed the snow-covered roads of the town and parish parking lot each yearphoto by Matt Crane.

Here are a few photos from the concert put on by The Boot Scoots.