Letter: Riverview a win-win for area

Thank you to all who attended the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s public hearing regarding the agency’s proposed air permit for Riverview Energy’s innovative direct coal-hydrogenation project in Dale, Ind.

After nearly a year of informal community sessions conducted by a small group of well-meaning, but misinformed opponents, the hearing was a productive step in getting concerns and comments out into the open from a broad cross-section of citizens – and we appreciate that forum.

It was a forum conducted by independent experts charged with ensuring any new industry operating in the region is operating in compliance with federal and state air-quality regulations and limits. IDEM received our application for permit in January 2018 and has invested almost a year scrutinizing that application. That is certainly nothing short of dedicated due diligence.

In its analysis to issue the draft permit, IDEM experts used state-of-the-art modeling practices and technology. That modeling was performed with all other regional sources included and determined the plant will not have a negative impact on regional air quality. Given IDEM’s bailiwick in this area and its application to many other industrial projects across the state over decades – we are compelled to trust their findings. Yet even with the allowable parameters cited in the permit, Riverview Energy’s plant will operate well below these allowable limits.

While we are confident the data is on our side of the public debate, we also know that fear has been unnecessarily stirred up among some community members. And while that is unfortunate, we are undeterred because we know our project will contribute to a balance of economic growth and responsible environmental stewardship.

As I told an Indianapolis reporter recently, that is not only possible – it is truly achievable. We plan to achieve that mission while creating jobs, leveraging Indiana’s rich coal resources via an environmentally clean innovation, and developing a product that will help to improve air quality across the globe.

Riverview Energy is a win-win for Indiana, and it’s a big win for Dale, Spencer County and the immediate region. And we plan to work diligently to inspire the community’s confidence as we move forward in bringing this valuable innovation to the Hoosier state and the nation.

Greg Merle

President, Riverview Energy

2 Responses to Letter: Riverview a win-win for area

  1. Jeff December 13, 2018 at 12:40 am #

    Build it in your back yard Greg so you get to smell rotten eggs every day!

  2. Daryl Hensley December 13, 2018 at 10:11 pm #

    Mr. Merle, I am looking forward to the many benefits that Riverview Energy brings to SW Indiana.

    1. An environmental product that will help lower diesel emissions by 70% in semi trucks. Much needed product for some of our major U.S. cities.

    2. A corporate partner in SW Indiana committed to creating high paying jobs.

    3. Much needed tax revenue to assist Dale in improving their infrastructure.

    4. Construction jobs that will keep our neighbors working closer to home.

    5. A Company committed to the stewardship of our local environment.

    SW Indiana, don’t believe all the misrepresentations about our environment in SW Indiana. Indiana hasn’t had an “Unhealthy Air Quality Day” by EPA standards in 10 years. The American Lung Association, ranks Spencer County as one of the cleanest in air quality in the United States. (see page 27 of State of the Air report 2018)



    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN