Advertiser preview page

Thanks for checking out our new advertising options. These are a few new ad types we are offering in addition to our standard ads. These ads are more dynamic and eye-catching.

Featured Articles

A highly engaging and informational unit that displays a YouTube video and several links to external articles, as well as branding and social options for an advertiser. Excellent for healthcare, attorneys, and other advertisers who wish to tell a story or demonstrate expertise in a way that traditional ad units fail to do.


An unmissable add that sneaks up from the bottom of the screen. You should have seen it as soon as you loaded this advertising preview page.


When hovered over, will “flip” to reveal a second ad on the other side.

Scratch off

Scratch off the front image to reveal a new image underneath.


When hovered over it swaps out the original ad for a different ad.

Video Popout

Embed a YouTube™ video as an advertisement with an optional message below the embedded video.


Set to rotate automatically with a series of 3 – 5 ads. (Additional charge for more than 3*).


Displays an image and a “Click” call to action which will open the image in a new window. Great for store fliers and circulars


When hovered over, will expand outward and display a second image in either the top, right, left, or bottom direction.

Coupon clipper

When clicked, a coupon appears on the user’s phone screen for advertisers to scan or verify.

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