Archie’s BBQ brings southern-style barbecue to area

“Their eyes roll back and they look at me like they want to beat me up,” Charles Archie said. ‘Where you been all my life.'”

The owner of Archie’s BBQ in Jasper is mimicking the moment his customers first taste his southern-style barbecue.

Charles opened Archie’s BBQ in Jasper about three weeks ago. The retired U.S. Marine Corps sergeant major — “I couldn’t go any higher (in rank)” — has been wanting to start a restaurant for a couple of years now.

The 30-year Marine veteran made his way to Dubois County about 13 years ago when Hurricane Ike hit Houston. He was living there operating a trucking company at the time. Ike destroyed his house. Then, his dad died back in North Carolina. “All within two days,” he explained.

The distraught retired Marine owned a trucking company, so, after handling arrangements in North Carolina, he went on the road. He didn’t stop until he landed in Dubois County after about a year. Soon after, he took a job at Farbest, and he’s been here since.

Charles had been exploring opening up his particular barbecue style in Martin County, but after he saw a ‘For Rent’ sign in the location across from Headquarters, the Jasper resident decided it was time to make something happen locally.

The menu at Archie’s BBQ features recipes that are a little bit of Black Mountain, North Carolina, where Charles grew up, a bit of Houston, Texas, and a little bit of his own style. Brisket is his specialty.

The nearly 60-year-old has been cooking since he was a teen. “They (parents) were working, so I had to cook before I could go to basketball practice,” he explained. “Had to have the dinner in the oven for them when they got home.”

He’s always enjoyed cooking, and his talent is apparent as the barbecue is hit. Word has spread, and the new carry-out restaurant has gotten busier and busier since opening.

A plate is $10.50 for your choice of meat and comes with your choice of two sides. A sandwich is $6.50 and includes your choice of one side or chips. He also has soft-serve ice cream with a multitude of toppings to choose from available as a cone for a dollar or a sundae for $1.75.

“They’ve been tearing it up,” Charles said about his customers.

While a lot of customers prefer the sweeter, tomato-based sauces, Charles has two jugs of a special sauce he uses on the brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken leg quarters, baby back ribs, and other offerings at the new shop located at 155 Second Street in Jasper (across from Headquarters).

The Carolina-style sauce is tangy, sweet, and spicy. A special elixir based on a recipe his dad, Charles Sr., made. “But dad said mine was better when he tasted it,” Charles admitted.

He used to sell the sauce by the gallon when he was in Texas, he added.

Charles’ wife, Rebecca, runs the restaurant during the day while Charles works his other job at Farbest where he is a supervisor. When he gets off work, he starts barbecuing and preparing the next day’s offerings.

It’s a long day but he doesn’t mind.

“This is what I love, I love to cook,” Charles said.

Archie’s BBQ is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. He’s located at 155 Second Street (about a block west of the Jasper Train Depot across from Headquarters) and the business can be contacted at 812-556-0061 or on Facebook. 


  1. We were waiting and waiting for you to open-up in Loogootee. It is so hard to find hep anymore & totally understand why it didnt work here. We, my extended family and all will be visiting you soon at your new place, and we will make good ad for your place since we eat out a lot. We are all over 75 but most of us have kids and familys that I am sure they will be stopping in. Good Luck!! Cant wait to try your BB-Q…..

  2. I am glad this fantastic news got posted in the Dubois County Free Press. Otherwise. I would probably have missed you setting up shop in Jasper.
    I would like to wish you special blessings on your new business.

  3. It is nice to have an addition to all the food trucks. These guys are really trying . Give them your support. Mike & Pat Hochgesang owner of building

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