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Letter: Wake up Republicans!

We send a hundred-million-dollar weak message to Syria, Russia and Iran (also, China and North Korea) by striking an airbase in Syria. Syria and Russia return their message to the USA by launching airstrikes from the same airbase a few hours later.  Their message to the USA, “f#$! &*u.” The administration advised the Russians before […]

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Letter: Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution key to ISIL defeat

The United States must resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to defeat ISIL and similar Islamist extremists. I know the Middle East well from living there. I offer here a coherent U.S. foreign policy in the region. I speak the truth about Arab-Israeli issues that politicians refuse to do because of political correctness. The persistence […]

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Letter: Representatives should face voters, not run for hills

On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, an act which generated fierce and persistent outrage from the Tea Party. Many members of Congress returned to their home districts, faced the music, and endured demonstrations of that outrage. Others, such as our national representatives, Congressman Larry Buschon and Senator Todd Young, clearly benefited […]

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Letter: Republicans seem to have conflicting priorities

Is this Republican administration the true face of the new Republican Party? Is this what one calls “conservative?” This current republican administration seems to be one of conflicting priorities, misconceptions and strange, misleading comments with a big dose of arrogance along with strong desires to limit freedom of the press and freedom of religion. However, […]

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Letter: Overgeneralizations only hurt political discourse

I recently read Dr. Moss’s letter titled Liberal heads explode after Trump victory when certain statements caught my attention. While Moss introduces solid points about the left that deserve discussion, he utilizes faulty overgeneralizations to define an entire political ideology, exploiting statements such as, “Most people, unlike leftists, admire their national history, language and culture […]

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Letter: U.S. should support Palestinians; stop giving Israel money

Dear Honorable Citizens of Dubois County Israel aggravates the other nations of the Middle East and the rest of the world by illegally building peace destroying “settlements” on occupied Palestinian lands because, with a true peace in the Middle East, Israel would find it much harder to get billions in free American aid. Just a […]

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