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Letter: IDEM has failed to satisfy its obligations in coal-to-diesel

We believe it’s one of just a couple of coal plants of any kind being proposed now in the U.S. that has a good chance of being built. Earthjustice and other organizations have just called on Indiana to reject the Spencer County plant and have submitted a letter/official comment that explains, “‘The ‘Riverview’ development would […]

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Letter: Election thank you

Please accept this letter as an expression of my deepest appreciation for the election news coverage you provided during the District 74 State House of Representatives race. Your coverage helped deliver timely and important news to the residents of Crawford, Dubois, Orange, Perry and Spencer Counties. I also want to thank the 10,355 residents who […]

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Letter: Democrats in tough races throw their party under the bus

“Democrats in tough races throw their party under the bus” This headline and the excerpt below appeared in The Hill on Friday, November 2, 2018. It is not surprising to see Democrat candidates scrambling to distance themselves from the left-leaning leadership of their party. “Democrats in tough Senate races around the country are throwing their […]

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Letter: You can’t trump the Constitution with an executive order

Well, there he goes again: No, Mr. Trump, the United States is not the only nation on earth that allows birthright citizenship. There are more than thirty countries that honor that right. No, Mr. Trump, you can’t simply issue one of your childlike oversized show and tell executive orders to terminate birthright citizenship. The right […]

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Letter: The con man and gaslighting

Con artists rely on the tactic of misdirection. By getting the mark to focus on some sideshow activity, the con man is able to separate that mark from something valuable, usually money, usually keeping him unaware that it is even happening. Rarely, however, has this practice reached the level of national politics. Consider the things […]

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Letter: Hate begets hate

Hate begets hate. We all know we need to be more compassionate in our national political dialogue. It was bad that a Democrat Congresswoman came out recently to make remarks regarding harassing Republicans in restaurants, department stores, etc. A former Democrat Attorney General recently said that when Republicans go low, we should kick them. Even […]

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Letter: Knies qualified, experienced choice for next county clerk

Dear Dubois County Voters, This year, Dubois County has several important elections. This is an opportunity for voters to hire officials to serve the county. Voters should take time to interview the applicants. Kiersten Knies, the candidate for Dubois County Clerk, has the experience and qualifications to excel as clerk in a manner that best serves […]

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