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Editorial: Keep government budgets accessible to majority of Hoosiers

This commentary was written by Stephen Key, executive director and general counsel of the Hoosier State Press Association.   At the end of their year, corporations create an annual report for their shareholders. They mail it to those shareholders or present it at a meeting of those shareholders. The information helps investors decide on whether they […]

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Perspective: A Forecast for 2018

This week, the research center where I am employed released its 2018 economic forecast. As with most recent years, this forecast has mixed projections. Importantly, this forecast coincides with the 10th anniversary of the start of the Great Recession, so it is worth explaining how much of its effects linger and perhaps what caused the […]

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Commentary: Trade deficits and the dollar safe haven

Probably the single most misunderstood facet of the economy involves trade and foreign investment. At least a dozen times a year I hear some version of the following claim: “Our nation needs to rebalance trade while attracting more foreign investment.” This statement sounds sophisticated, sober and well-reasoned, the words of a thoughtful statesman with exposure […]

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Astra Theatre renovation well underway

Here is a video of the ongoing renovation on the Astra Theatre on the Square in Jasper from WITZ AM/FM. Cover photo from here. We are a rag tag bunch, this group of six. We are working hard to bring the Astra alive on a regular basis by doing all the tasks of running a […]

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Lt. Ian Park is a helicopter pilot with the “Vipers” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 48, a Mayport, Florida based squadron that operates the Navy’s next generation submarine hunter and Anti-Surface Warfare helicopter, the MH-60R Seahawk. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Robert Zhan

Santa Claus native pilots Navy’s most advanced helicopter

A 2008 Heritage Hills High School graduate and Santa Claus native is serving with a U.S. Navy helicopter squadron that flies the Navy’s newest and most technologically-advanced helicopter. Lt. Ian Park is a helicopter pilot with the “Vipers” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 48, a Mayport, Florida based squadron that operates the Navy’s next generation submarine hunter and Anti-Surface Warfare helicopter, the MH-60R […]

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Perspectives: How an economic study works

One of the great pleasures of writing this column is explaining economic research results to readers who are experts at something other than economic research. After all, we are all experts at something, and if my wife is to be trusted on these matters, most subjects are more interesting than economics. This week I thought […]

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Lee Hamilton Comments on Congress: Encourage good media

A lot of people want what I do from the media and feel they’re not getting it: more facts and fewer opinions; more investigative reporters and fewer pundits; more substance and less fluff; more policy exploration and less politics. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to journalism, I’m a traditionalist. Old-fashioned, […]

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Hicks: Don’t dismiss the idea of a Universal Basic Income

The notion of a universal basic income (UBI) is quite popular these days, and is undergoing pilot tests in a few countries. The idea has created some strange bedfellows as support develops, and there are both practical and philosophical problems with it. Still, I think UBI is a provocative idea that everyone should consider with […]

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Hicks: The State of Fatherhood in 2017

As Father’s Day comes again this year, I think it useful to reflect on the economics of fatherhood and how it has changed over my lifetime. This is a difficult issue to write about because it is fraught with nearly all the minefields of political correctness; race, gender, government aid and the enduring success of […]

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Purdue Extension Does…Meat on the BBQ

It’s summertime and that means it is time to fire up the backyard barbecue. So if you are a BBQ novice or expert you might like to know just how to get your meat grilled to perfection. Stacy Zuelly has made a career out of perfecting the selection of good meat for cooking and grilling. […]

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Purdue Extension Does…school wellness

I am not the cupcake police. It wouldn’t be the first time I walk into a school building and I get a look of “uh-oh, hide the cupcakes.” Over the years, I have grown to enjoy the funny pun at my job. While I don’t walk around wearing a uniform and badge, it is often […]

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Purdue Extension Does…Pesticide product safety

With the return of spring also comes the return of home lawn care, with cut grass, fertilizer, and pest control. As homeowners beautify their lawns as well as landscaping and garden areas, however, take the time to carefully read the labels of the pesticides and fertilizers you might be applying. Product labels for required to […]

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Dubois Extension Does…Be aware for spring farm equipment

Common sense is key when trying to avoid spring farm equipment accidents. With the return of spring also comes farm planting season and farmers well on their way to establishing our local crops. With this return also comes the need for both motorists and farmers to be aware of how to share the road with […]

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