Night to Shine: Back on the dance floor

Night to Shine returned to its full prom-like experience Friday evening at Redemption Christian Church in Jasper.

The event is part of the Tim Tebow Foundation’s initiative. In a special broadcast during Friday’s Night to Shine at Redemption, Tebow and his wife welcomed the guests to the prom.

About 175 special kings and queens participated in the event designed for people with special needs.

Whether providing special escorts for the attendees, cheering them on throughout the night, or serving up food and bussing tables, about 400 volunteers helped to make Night to Shine a special night for all the participants.

Here are a few photos from last night.

Leah Favors was patient as Jenna Faulkenberg (right), Katrina Bridgewater (middle), both of Southern Roots, and Laura Hasenour of The Beauty Bar worked to straighten her hair before the prom. Many local businesses and individuals donate their time and talent to help get the guests prepared for the annual event. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Ali Bromm smiled as Dana Berger finished her hair before the event. Beauticians, stylists and volunteers from the area provide hair, nails and makeup for the attendees each year. Berger owns Merle Norman Cosmetics in Jasper. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Carter Atterson reacted as Lindsey Zehr crowned him as a king at the Night to Shine. All the attendees were escorted onto stage to be presented with their crowns and tiaras before taking a limo ride around the church to the red carpet. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Alyssa Shafer smiled as her escort Stacy Kotsko crowned her. Photo by Matthew Crane.
The guests took rides around the church in limos. When they arrived, they received a celebrity greeting by tuxedoed doormen before entering the church to a cheering crowd. Photo by Matthew Crane.
(From left) Michael Stevens, Destiny Beavers and Rose Henson enter the church to cheers and paparazzi. Photo by Amy Crane.
Samantha Hayes of Paoli entered the Night to Shine to cheers along the red carpet. Samantha danced and partied all evening and, if requested, would recite lines from “The King and I”, her favorite movie. After a two-year pause, Redemption Christian Church brought the prom-like experience for people with special needs back this year. While many were returning from previous years the church had hosted the event; for others, this was the first time they had ever experienced prom. Photo by Amy Crane.
Shaunna Lankford belted out the hit song “Let it Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen” on the karaoke stage set up in the church’s children’s area. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Shaunna Lankford belted out the hit song “Let it Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen” on the karaoke stage set up in the church’s children’s area. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Lesly Wilkins (Right), Stephani Harding and Darrell Smith pose at the photo booth during the Night to Shine held at Redemption Christian Church Friday evening. Photo by Amy Crane.
Lloyd Smith hugged and kissed Holly Talbert as he entered the Night to Shine. Photo by Matthew Crane.
If asked, most of the guests to the Night to Shine say the dancing is their favorite part of the evening. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Crystal Helsley posed as she entered the hallway leading to the dance floor with her escort, Crystal Doerner. This was her first time attending the Night to Shine. Photo by Amy Crane.
Leornn Mullunix twirled to the music on the dance floor at Redemption Christian Church during Night to Shine Friday evening. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Tristan Miller danced the entire evening. His grandfather, Jim Rueger, noted that Tristan loved to attend all the events when he was a student at Southridge. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Photo by Amy Crane.
Mark Graber held Raven Arnett’s hand as they danced at the Night to Shine. Raven was Mark’s escort for the fun prom-like event. Photo by Matthew Crane.
The Village People song “YMCA” is always a big hit at the party. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Brian and Jane Fisher played Connect Four together in one of the activity rooms at the church. Jane soundly beat Mark for several rounds but he joked that he deserved it since he had bragged about winning before the couple played the game. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Photo by Amy Crane.
Behind the scenes, hundreds of volunteers work to make the evening a wonderful experience for the guests. Photo by Amy Crane.
Tess Weisheit, 17, (right) worked as a server for many guests Friday evening. It was her first time volunteering for the event, and she said it was a fabulous experience. Photo by Amy Crane.