Bartels helps Hoosier landowners with purple paint legislation

State Rep. Stephen Bartels (R-Eckerty) proposed legislation to help Hoosier landowners prevent trespassing by authorizing the use of purple paint to mark private property.

Under the proposal, property owners would be able to designate private property by using purple markings on trees or posts around the area where entry is denied. Bartels said under the legislation, a purple paint perimeter would serve the same purpose as a no trespassing sign.

“This proposal would give landowners, including farmers, another tool to mark off their territory and protect their property from trespassers,” Bartels said. “Oftentimes, no trespassing signs come up missing due to theft, wind or fading, and without a posted sign, it is nearly impossible for a landowner to prosecute if someone trespasses on their property. Recognizing purple paint as a no trespassing marker would provide individuals with a second level of protection in these cases.”

Bartels said there are currently 12 other states with purple paint laws, and three more are considering adopting similar legislation.

House Bill 1212 has been assigned to the House Committee on Judiciary.


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  1. NO. There is absolutely no need for this legislation. It is the hunter or trespasser or any one else responsibility to know where they are and KNOW THE PROPERTY LINES of the place they have permission to be. You do not and should not have any responsibility as a land owner to spend money on signs to be shot up or paint to be skinned off to keep trespassers off your land. If you are not where you have permission to be, you are a trespasser. Period. Just the way it should be. This purple paint proposal is just a step in the direction to require the land owner to inform the rest of the world where they are not allowed to go. When every property line and old property line in Indiana has purple paint head high up all the trees, you think that will make a difference? People who don’t care, still won’t care.

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