Buehler Designs: Rekindled passion leads to new business

Buehler has based her business from the cowork space in Huntingburg, Current Blend.

Buehler has based her business from the cowork space in Huntingburg, Current Blend.

Crystal Buehler said a single comment from a teacher kept her from pursuing her passion for art and creation.

“In high school, I received many awards for my work but was discouraged by my art teacher at the time from majoring in art in college,” Crystal said. “So I decided to major in travel and tourism, another passion of mine.”

She attended Ball State University, completed her degree and reported for work at the Santa Claus Museum. She hopped over to the Spencer County Visitors Bureau.

While at the visitors bureau, Crystal was able to rekindle her passion for art by helping with graphic design work there. She was able to segway that experience into working with a couple of clients.

For the past six years, she’s been doing graphic design work as more of a hobby on the side. But, through word of mouth, her hobby has grown into a potential business.

“I have decided to take it up a notch and launch it as a full-time business.” she said.

She officially announced the launch of Buehler Designs, LLC Wednesday. Based out of Current Blend, Crystal offers a wide variety of services, including graphic design, social media management and web development.

The new business is an extension of Crystal’s passions and priorities.

“I enjoy making things pretty. I enjoy helping small business owners find a brand and have an affordable solution to their marketing efforts,” she explained. “I enjoy seeing my artwork on local brochures, signs, and buildings. And mostly, I enjoy showing my children that hard work pays off.”

For more information about her services, visit the recently launched website, BuehlerDesigns.com to learn more about how she can help with websites, logos, print and social needs.

Crystal and her husband, Andy, live in Huntingburg with their three children. She works out of Current Blend and also serves as a Destination Huntingburg board member.

For additional information, contact Buehler Designs, LLC at (812) 827-8428, visit the website at BuehlerDesigns.com, or Facebook page at Facebook.com/BuehlerDesigns.

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