Cardboard Boat Regatta Saturday on Patoka River

The Holy Trinity Cardboard Regatta will take place Saturday, August 12 at the Dave Buehler Plaza on the Riverwalk.

Boat checks will start at 9 am. Races will begin at 11 am

This fundraiser was created bring a unique and fun idea to Southern Indiana. It allows participants to design and create a floating vessel of corrugated cardboard using engineering genius, artistic flair (or perhaps a combination of the two), and with human power, compete in multiple races and finish with the crew still inside.

All boats are made with normal, regular, ordinary, everyday corrugated cardboard which typically falls apart as the races progress through the day.

Creativity is encouraged. Kayaks, barges, pirate ships, riverboats, rafts, giant candy, cars, trucks, airplanes, space shuttles, aircraft carriers, dragons, sea monsters, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and other marine animals and many other themes are encouraged.

Awards are given for the following categories:

  • First Place Finish (Corporate)
  • First Place Finish (General Entry)
  • The Most Spectacular Sinking
  • The Engineering Spectacle
  • The Best Theme (includes boat and crew)
  • The Artistic Masterpiece
  • The Spirit Award
  • The Best Dressed Crew

The fun event features food booths and plenty of fun as teams race each other and certain destruction as their crafts begin to fall apart.


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