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Letter: Overgeneralizations only hurt political discourse

I recently read Dr. Moss’s letter titled Liberal heads explode after Trump victory when certain statements caught my attention. While Moss introduces solid points about the left that deserve discussion, he utilizes faulty overgeneralizations to define an entire political ideology, exploiting statements such as, “Most people, unlike leftists, admire their national history, language and culture […]

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Letter: U.S. should support Palestinians; stop giving Israel money

Dear Honorable Citizens of Dubois County Israel aggravates the other nations of the Middle East and the rest of the world by illegally building peace destroying “settlements” on occupied Palestinian lands because, with a true peace in the Middle East, Israel would find it much harder to get billions in free American aid. Just a […]

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Letter: Lawmakers should listen; increase gas tax and other options needed to support roads, runways and railways

Roadways, runways, rail lines and river-ways are the lifeblood of logistics. A world-class infrastructure is vital to the movement of products and the future economic prosperity of Indiana. By 2035, freight is projected to double according to the United States Department of Transportation. Indiana’s current transportation network cannot support that volume without significant investment by […]

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Community Christmas tree and other decorations beautify city for Christmas season

The beautiful community Christmas Tree on the courthouse lawn during the 2016 Christmas and holiday season has been donated by Scott and Marsha Jones of Jasper. This beautiful tree serves as the main Christmas tree for Jasper – for the holiday season. The lights on the tree, the beautiful red bows and the lighted garland […]

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Letter: Suckers!

PT Barnum once said “a sucker is born every minute” and Trump seems to be proving Barnum’s words ring true! As Trump softens his positions across the board, positions he took to get elected by fed up voters, it seems he is more interested in reassuring and maintaining relationships with his past friends and associates. […]

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