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Letter: Jasper Chamber Celebrating 65th Anniversary and Jasper Chamber Week (July 7-13)

The Jasper Chamber of Commerce works with businesses, merchants, and industry to advance the civic, economic, industrial, professional and cultural life in the City of Jasper, Indiana. Chambers of Commerce have contributed to the economic life of Indiana for more than a century – and the Jasper Chamber of Commerce and its 400 members (representing […]

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Letter: Citizens will keep fighting to protect Hoosier health and welfare

Last week, IDEM sided with the corporate polluter, Riverview Energy Corporation, and against the health, environment and quality of life of its Hoosier citizens by issuing an air permit for Riverview’s proposed coal-to-diesel refinery in Dale. But this refinery is far from a done deal. Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life is challenging the […]

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Letter: The power to impeach resides in one branch of government

To those who ascribe to the Unitary Executive theory of governance, consider these three questions: 1.) Does the federal judicial branch have the power to oversee, investigate, and impeach members of the executive branch or the legislative branch? 2.) Does the executive branch have the power to oversee, investigate, and impeach members of the judicial […]

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Letter: Keep Jasper clean

I have received a few anonymous letters within the past few weeks and decided that the best way to address the concerns of these residents is through a letter to the editor in the local media outlets. One concern of these residents are the grass clippings that are being thrown out into the street after […]

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Letter: Riverview president raises suspicions about coal to diesel

Greg Merle, President of Riverview Energy coal-to-diesel refinery, stated in his recent letter to the editor that opponents are “ignorant” and “uninformed” about his proposal to build a massive, polluting facility in the newly annexed city limits of Dale and within a mile of David Turnham elementary school and two nursing homes. We are suspicious […]

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