Charlene and Becky serve up good brew at Cool Beans in Huntingburg.

Cool Beans on 4th Street in Huntingburg

“We were insane” best describes why Becky Menke and Charlene Hicks bought Cool Beans in Huntingburg last year.

The endeavor does seem to be a stretch for Becky the former speech pathologist and Charlene who juggles the coffee shop with helping her husband in their other business.

At the moment Becky looks insane as the health department inspector calmly and happily checks temperatures and expiration dates in the coffee shop. She looks at me, mimics biting her nails and then rolls her eyes with a sigh. But besides these stressful moments the ladies are having a great time.

They purchased the business last September and immediately decided some changes were in store. They began searching for a good coffee roaster.

“We called a lot of roasters. We were trying to find one in Indiana,” Charlene said. “There were some in Evansville, Terra Haute, and other areas of the state, but they just didn’t call us back. Eventually we found our supplier in New Albany; Hobknob Roasting Company.”

Hobknob Roasting Co. is the passion of Barb Fischer. Besides operating coffee shops in New Albany, she specializes in roasting small batches of beans.

“Many suppliers wanted us to purchase a lot of beans at one time.” Charlene explained. “With Hobknob we can buy as little as seven pounds at a time and the beans are roasted when we order, so we can guarantee they are fresh beans.”

Becky Menke behind the counter at Cool Beans

Of course fresh roasted beans are a big step in a great cup of coffee but it doesn’t end until the cup is full. “We bought the business in September and then trained until November.” Charlene said explaining how they learned to make great coffee.

“We knew it was important to have a great cup of coffee from the beginning and Barb (from Hobknob) taught us how to make a great espresso.” Becky said.

Besides great coffee, Cool Beans offers sandwiches and wraps as well as other typical bistro fare. Friday evenings features live local entertainment and a choice of dinners from local Chef A. J. Gress. Friday evenings are busy so reservations are recommended.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; Thursday 7:00 AM (we are actually open at 6:15 since the Optimist meet here) to 4:00 PM; Friday 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM; and Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Phone: 683-5851 or check out their Facebook page.

and they now have a website: http://www.coolbeansjavacafe.net/