Coal-to-Diesel air quality permit public hearing Wednesday

The Indiana Department of Environmental Health is holding a public hearing at Heritage Hills High School auditorium Wednesday, December 5 at 6:30 p.m EST for the air quality permit for the proposed coal to diesel refinery planned in Dale.

The $2.5 billion project from Riverview Energy will be located on a 512-acre parcel that was annexed by the Town of Dale.

This is the only public hearing offered to weigh in on the idea.

According to a local grassroots group opposing the project, “if built, this massive refinery, located about six miles directly upwind from Ferdinand, would harm the nature of the community and the health of the region’s families for generations to come. It would pulverize 100 railroad cars of coal daily and involve using and creating a number of extremely hazardous, carcinogenic chemicals. It would release 2.2 million tons of the greenhouse gas CO2 into the atmosphere annually. It would also emit the stench of rotten eggs (sulfur) in our area. According to independent, local scientists, medical doctors, real estate agents, and tourism leaders, the hazards far outweigh the benefits. It would especially impact the unborn, children, and the elderly.”

Additionally, the group is concerned because the plant will be located about one mile from the David Turnham Elementary School and two nursing homes as well as the town of Dale.

According to supporters, the plant will bring investment into the area that will support the local construction trades as well as up to 225 new jobs when it is completed.

More information from Riverview can be found here—

Spencer County Citizens for Quality of Life has created a website—— describing the project and listing their concerns about the proposed plant. The website includes a petition for visitors to sign in opposition to the project.

IDEM is also accepting written comments and supporting documentation may be sent to IDEM. Comments must be received by mail and postmarked no later than December 10, 2018, or received by email no later than December 10, 2018. Please refer to permit number T147-39554-00065 in all correspondence.

Comments should be sent to:

Doug Logan, IDEM,
Office of Air Quality
100 North Senate Avenue, MC 61-53 IGCN 1003
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251;
Dial directly: (317) 234-5328
Fax: (317) 232-6749 attn: Doug Logan

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