Community Christmas Tree set for season

Patricia Voegerl thinks the huge cedar decorating the Downtown Square likely started with a bird dropping a seed in their yard on Division Road.

When it sprouted up, she ended up moving it to a better location and there it grew for more than 40 years by her estimate.

She and her husband, Gilbert, donated it to take center stage in front of the courthouse this year. The 41-foot cedar stands taller than the flag pole in the front lawn.

Patricia and Gilbert were surprised when they saw the cedar after it was placed. “We knew it was big, but we didn’t realize it was that big till we saw it up there,” she said.

She explained that the tree had grown large enough it was starting to get into the power lines at their home. Rather than just cut it down, they decided to donate it. Now, this beautiful tree serves as the main Christmas Tree for Jasper for the entire holiday season.

The decorations on the tree and around the square come from donations by multiple individuals and groups. The lights on the tree, the beautiful red bows and the lighted garland on the street poles were financed by Patoka 2000, a committee of the Jasper Chamber. Contributions were received from individuals in the community in memory of loved ones, or in honor of special occasions. The lights on the trees and perimeter lighting on many of the downtown buildings and the 17 large flower pots that line Main Street were financed by individual merchants and also by the Greater Downtown Jasper Business Association and Heart of Jasper. 

Heart of Jasper volunteers also worked hard this year to place painted trees, garland and lights in the planter boxes in the Square area.

The City Electric Department did an outstanding job again this year of installing all of the garlands, lights, and the community Christmas tree. They also attached the red bows to the tree and were responsible for designing, making, and placing the star at the top of the main tree.