Cronin running for election to Southeast Dubois County School board

Mike Cronin is running for the District B seat on the Southeast Dubois School Corporation Board.

He said he is running to “ensure we maximize every opportunity for our students, staff and community.”

“My focus is to represent and work with all these key components to support our programs and systems,” Cronin said. “ALL is what I am choosing to stand for as we must come together to make everyone a part of our success. Through my life experiences, I believe I can help achieve this goal.”

Cronin is a military veteran with experience working with many people to act as a unit to achieve goals.

“I am a business owner here in our southeast Dubois community where I am faced with budgets, staffing issues, investment decisions and much more,” he said. “I have been on coaching staffs for the baseball and basketball programs for the past 20 years, a lot of those years as a volunteer, which has allowed me the opportunity to connect with many different students and families in this community.”

He also pointed to the fact he was a parent of past and present students who have been raised or are being raised in this corporation and have all participated in educational, extracurricular and athletic programs.

“All these encounters are aspects that I can bring and consider as a school board member to effectively stand for you, your student, your teacher and your community,” Cronin said. “Ranger Nation is an unbelievable community that I would be honored to represent. With your vote, I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish when we ‘ALL’ come together.”