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Dodge; it’s in the name

The Jasper Park and Recreation Summer Program offered up several rounds of dodgeball in the Cabby O’Neill Gymnasium Wednesday morning.

Kids aged six to 14 took turns attempting to dodge flying balls of all sizes and colors for about an hour. Through multiple rounds, no clear winner could be determined, but a fun time was had by all.

Next week, the Jasper Park and Recreation Department will host its final summer events with a special Christmas-themed Twilight Swim at the Municipal Pool on Wednesday. Then, starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, Jaycee Park will be filled with fun activities and competitions until noon.

Here are a couple of photos of today’s fun.

At the signal, teams drove in with the singular purpose of grabbing a ball off the centerline of the historic basketball court. This moment of chaos typically turned into several players being sent to the sidelines after getting smacked by a ball. Photo by Amy Crane.
Recreation Director Janessa Wagner helped fill in the ranks as kids slowly trickled in to play. Unfortunately, this made her the target for the lobbed assaults nearly every round she participated in. Photo by Matthew Crane.
The pangs of invertible (though brief) demise as Jairus Schilling, 13, realized his fate with a toss from his opponent John Goller. Photo by Matthew Crane.
The three faced off against a lone survivor on the opposing team. From left: Charlie Pfau, 7, Carson Hochgesang, 7, and Jairus Schilling (returned from the previous photo). Photo by Amy Crane.
The faceoff. Kyndall French, 9, smiled with what seemed to be the upper hand she had against Bryn Johnson, 11. Photo by Matthew Crane.
In his first round on the court, Carson Hochgesang outlasted his teammates with some acrobatic moves before almost singlehandedly winning the match. An attempted catch finally did him in. Photo by Matthew Crane.
A tale of two Charlies. These two faced off at the end of the match — Charlie Pfau (left) versus Charlie Johnson (right). In the end, Charlie Johnson was able to sideline Charlie Pfau. Photo by Matthew Crane.
Sophie Bower, 10, heads into the fray. Photo by Matthew Crane.