Dubois County COVID Memorial Project issues call for artists

The group responsible for the creation of Covid memorial on the Courthouse Square has issued a call for artists.

In response to the global pandemic that has affected essentially every resident of Dubois County, a group of citizens formed a committee to design and erect a historical monument and bench to be placed on the lawn of the courthouse in Jasper, the focal point of county government.

This monument is designed to pay tribute to those frontline workers who bravely risk contracting an often-fatal virus to keep our communities healthy, safe, nourished, and educated during the pandemic as well as to honor the residents of Dubois County that lost their lives to complications of the virus and to acknowledge their loved ones who were often not able to be with them as they passed or have a traditional funeral.

This “Call for Artists” is a request for you to donate your talents in creating an image that expresses those two distinct messages or themes to be etched on the two sides of the black granite monument next to those messages. There is room also for another combined image on the top of the column.

See concept images below.

The submissions will be received and reviewed by the Dubois County COVID Memorial Committee and those deemed most suited to the themes will be chosen for the memorial. The artist of each piece chosen, preferably from Dubois County, will be credited next to their piece etched in granite for generations to see and reflect on.

The deadline for submission is March 18, 2022. The size of the image will vary once it is transferred and etched in place with the accompanying text in the space available on the stone. But for your planning purposes, 11×17 should suffice. You can submit your work via digital file to Chris.Waltz@Live.com, or mail or deliver to the Dubois County Covid Memorial, c/o Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, 100 3rd Ave, Jasper, Indiana 47546.

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  1. It’s a lovely idea, but perhaps a better tribute to our front line workers would be to do everything we possibly can to avoid putting them at risk in the first place: 1) get vaccinated; 2) wear a mask; 3) avoid crowds and continue to practice social distancing.

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