Dubois County Sheriff’s Department launches new website

Clicking on this banner will take you to the Sheriff Department’s new site.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department has launched a new website giving the public access to information regarding current inmates.

The website has been under construction and is part of the new Interact 9-1-1 system that the police departments throughout the county went to on July 11.

Interact is a cloud-based system that manages information for all police departments in the area concerning crime. The use of the new system also allows more seamless information passage between the county departments and the state police, who also use Interact for crime tracking and reporting.

The new Dubois County Sheriff’s Department site is located at http://www.duboiscountysd.com/. Visitors can click on a link that allows them to view current inmates. The inmate page is based on a spreadsheet and users can click on the “date” tab to see the most recent arrests. Pictures of the inmates and the intake information is provided.

In the future the new site will provide visitation information, emergency numbers and news releases. According to the sheriff the department feels the information is valuable to the community.

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