Dubois REC awards more than $16,000 in grants

Jason Lents of Ireland Youth Sports accepts a $2500 grant from Operation Round Up Trustee Wayne Schnarr. The funds will be used to aid in the construction of a larger storage building to store baseball and softball equipment, along with field maintenance equipment.

With the help of its members, and through a program called Operation Round Up® Dubois REC has awarded $16,384 in grants to local organizations in its third grant cycle. This cycle featured the largest total disbursement of funds to date.

“We can’t express our gratitude enough to the members who have participated in this program,” Dubois REC General Manager Don Book said. “It only costs each member about $6 a year to participate, but when you add that up, over time and with 75% of our 13,000 members participating, it creates a substantial fund that can assist numerous organizations in our local community.”

Grants are funded by members who participate in the Operation Round Up program, and allow Dubois Rural Electric Cooperative to automatically round up their electric bills to the next highest dollar amount. For example, if a member’s bill is $68.51, the bill will be rounded up to $69, meaning that month’s contribution is 49 cents. If the bill is $68.90, it will be rounded up to $69, contributing 10 cents. The rounded up funds are collected for philanthropic and charitable donations in the geographic area of our service territory. Listed below are the recipients of the most recent round of grants.

The Celestine Fire Department recently received a grant for $5,000 to replace four garage doors at the fire station. The current doors are over 30 years old, do not function well and are poorly insulated. The new doors will be more reliable, easier to operate and more energy-efficient.

TRI-CAP received a $4,000 grant to help fund four Teen Wellness Centers in four Dubois County high schools. These centers were implemented as part of TRI-CAP’s Adolescent Services program in response to five teen suicides in the 1990s. The primary goal of the program is to improve mental health of adolescents by offering prevention, intervention and follow-up.

The St. Henry Fire Department received a $2,184 grant to purchase a projector to be used in firefighter and first responder training.

The Huntingburg Community Foundation accepted a grant for $1,000 for its Disaster Relief Fund. This fund is utilized to collect financial contributions to aid victims of natural disasters in local communities.

Ireland Youth Sports received a $2,500 grant to aid in the construction of a larger storage building to store baseball and softball equipment, along with field maintenance equipment.

The Dubois County Museum received a $1,700 grant to install baby changing stations in their four public restrooms.

Those eligible to apply for the funds include civic groups, organizations, individuals or families located within the Dubois REC service territory, which covers the counties of Dubois, Crawford, Perry, Pike, Orange and Martin. Grants are available for local volunteer fire departments, youth programs, 4-H, senior citizen programs and other community service projects. The fund will NOT be used to pay any electric or utility bills or be used in any way to support or oppose any political candidate or campaign.

If you or your organization is interested in applying for an Operation Round Up grant, please visit the Dubois REC office or download the forms from the website at www.duboisrec.com. or call 812.482.5454 or send an email to Kyla Jones at kylaj@duboisrec.com. Dubois REC will accept applications for the next round of grants through May 25.

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