Eclipse glasses recycling at Huntingburg Library

The Huntingburg Public Library is now accepting eclipse viewing glasses to be recycled in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders, a non-profit organization based in Calabasas, California.

Patrons may deposit their viewing glasses at the Library during normal operating hours in a bin located in front of the Library’s electronic recycling depository next to the Circulation Desk. Donors should check to see that the lenses of the glasses are free of any punctures, scratches, and bends. The lens housing, whether plastic or cardboard, needs to be free of damage as well.

The glasses will then be collected and sent to the AWB’s local official collection site, Dubois County Recycling and Solid Waste Department, to be vetted for safety and authenticity. The sorted and approved glasses will be then packaged and stored for future distribution throughout the world for people to safely view the two solar eclipses happening around the world each year. All recycled glasses will be donated to future users without charge. For example, out of the millions of glasses Astronomers Without Borders collected from the 2017 eclipse, 300,000 were vetted and then distributed. 

Please call the Library at 812/683-2052 for more information.