Everybody says it was a tornado

Friends Lucy Hardin (left) and Becky Schnaus survey the damage in Ireland along Church Avenue. Lucy says she slept through the whole thing last night. The two are neighbors in a nearby duplex.

The damages in the northwest portion of the county have been attributed to an EF2 tornado, according to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service assessed the damage incurred by the storms which moved through Dubois County during the late evening of February 28 and early morning hours of March 1. They have concluded tornado had peak winds of 130 mph. the damage in the

Due to the considerable damage which resulted along with the related hazardous conditions which exist the Dubois County Commissioners have declared a local disaster emergency. A meeting will be conducted tomorrow

A meeting will be conducted tomorrow involving County agencies who will be involved in the recovery and cleanup effort. More information will be forthcoming regarding sites where designated storm debris materials can be dropped off for disposal. Citizens are urged to stay clear of the damage area so as not to impede the cleanup and recovery process.

Tate, 2, watches his dad Mark Seibert clean the yard of his Church Avenue home Wednesday morning.
Andy Schwenk, a friend of Mark Braunecker’s son, came by to help Mark (left) clean up a tree that was topped and carried about 150 feet from the St. Mary’s Catholic Church property nearby. 
A tree on the church property was topped and tossed about 150 feet into Marc Braunecker’s yard across the street on Church Ave.
Debris is scattered all over the town of Ireland.
Ed Vollmer shows emergency management agency personnel a stick that was flung through a closet door in his home. The home also lost its roof during the early morning storm.
Ed Vollmer meets with Dubois County EMA Director Tammy Humbert and Ireland Fire Chief Stan Seifert at his home west of Ireland. Ed and his wife Kathleen escaped to the basement when they heard the storm hit. According to Ed, they were only down there a little bit when it became deathly calm. When the couple came back upstairs, Kathleen found leaves on the hallway floor and knew the damage to the home was bad.
Ed Vollmer surveys the damage to his home west of Ireland.
Betty and Kenny Mehringer’s lifelong home was destroyed during the storm event early this morning. According to Betty’s son-in-law Brian Eger, Betty, who couldn’t get into the basement due to needing a walker to move around, was on the other side of the wooden partition when the storm hit the home. She was shielded from all the glass that flew into the room and escaped unharmed.
Brian Eger retrieves a statue of the Madonna from the Mehringer home. He said he found it relatively intact underneath some metal roofing by the home’s front door.
The cloudy morning light shines through a hole in Ed and Kathleen Vollmer’s home west of Ireland. Ed helped build the home 45 years ago and it was destroyed last night during the first round of storms through the county.
Mark Braunecker spoke with his brother-in-law Roger Wehr while they waited for more help to arrive to move the tree that crushed one of his vehicles and damaged parts of his home on Church Avenue in Ireland.
Donnie Lueken, Dubois County Highway Department, cut up limbs to put them in a shredder being used by the highway department to clear a road in Ireland.

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  1. On Mill Street in Jasper…we hardly had more wind than a huge fart. I had my front porch door opened throughout the night and morning!

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