Freedom Reins seeking winter volunteers

Freedom Reins is working to get a head start on the 2022 season by offering our very first Winter Volunteer Program. The nonprofit is looking for volunteers who would like to be involved over the next two months working with horses outside of the regular class setting. There will be no student riders. The focus will be on keeping the horses moving, socialized, better behaved and used to working in the arena environment. This is an opportunity for volunteers to remain connected to other volunteers, the horses and the program during our down months.

Volunteers will get to handle all of our horses — not just the ones you usually work with. They will be starting simple with grooming, horseplay, groundwork, and basic and new arena patterns. 

Towards the end of February they plan to introduce specialized training focused on improving our riders’ experiences and better ensuring their comfort and safety. Volunteers will help cover more advanced areas such as leading/correcting a difficult horse, emergency dismounts, mounted and arena emergencies, in-depth leader and sidewalker training, and working with riders with disabilities.

Groups will work in the indoor arena with six to eight horses at a time on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00. To allow for everyone to have a horse, Freedom Reins will schedule volunteer participation for each week. Feel free to sign up for only one session or several. 

You do not need to be a horse leader to participate – sidewalkers wanting to learn to be leaders or just wanting more hands-on with the horses are encouraged to join.

Please contact Kim Dietz by email ( or call or text (812-631-6379) to get on the schedule or for any questions.

Depending on the level of interest we will also consider offering evening sessions. Please indicate your preference.

2021 was a tough year for everybody and we are looking forward to a fun, exciting and super productive 2022!  Freedom Reins could not do what we do without all of you!!

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