Holland to talk about potential $1.1 million water tower fixes

The Holland Town Council needs folks to show up at the town council meeting Wednesday evening.

According to Councilman Tom Thacker, as the town considers a plan for the city’s water supply, to increase the likelihood of receiving grants, residents are needed to attend the meeting.

“We’ve been having issues with the Stendal water tower for the past 15 – 20 years. Over the years, we’ve had to repair many leaks in the standpipe,” he wrote in a Facebook Post explaining the situation. “A few years ago, we had to do extensive work to the underneath area that forced us to take it offline. We’ve also seen it freeze up like a popsicle just a few years ago. Also, due to the size and shape we deal with ice building up on the inside quite often which causes our controls to malfunction so we must constantly monitor it throughout the coldest part of the winter months so not to cause water lines to break.”

He outlined several other issues in the same post.

The 200,000 gallon Holland water town is due to be rehabilitated at an estimated cost of $361,000. “This needs to happen soon before it gets any worse and ends up costing even more money,” Thacker wrote.

“We do have options at Stendal,” Thacker outlined. “One option is to do nothing and continue to put temporary fixes on it and see what the future holds. Another option is to do work on the old tower to make it like new but chances are it will still have freezing issues and to rehab is still very costly.”

He explained that the option the council would prefer to do, one considered to be the most effective, is to construct a new 50,000-gallon tower for the estimated cost of $456,000.

“To sum this up, besides the construction cost of $817,000 for the two towers, there is also Probable Non-Construction cost of around $333,000,” Thacker continued. “Total price of the project is estimated at $1,150,000.00. The only way that we can consider moving forward with this project is to receive a grant and low interest loan for the project. Keep in mind that no matter what, water rates will go up. It just a matter of how much and that will be determined by how much financial help we can get.”

To help, citizens are requested to show up for the public hearing scheduled for Wednesday, July 11 at 6 p.m.

“We need people to show up to listen to the plans and voice your concerns about how important it is to do the project and that we really need a grant to help pay for this project,” Thacker explained. “We need to have a room full of people at this meeting. Come to the Town Hall at Holland on July 11 at 6:00 p.m. to hear about the project and please feel free to voice your opinion. We really need your support on this project. Please invite others.”

He added that Stendal residents are also invited.

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