Hoosier Hills Credit Union among first donors to Indiana’s Veterans Hall of Fame

Hoosier Hills Credit Union recently joined the first 100 donors of the Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame (IMVHOF).

The Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame was founded in 2013 “to publicly emphasize the honor brought to our state and nation by the sacrifice of Indiana military veterans and their families.” Indiana is one of only a handful of states that has established organizations to recognize the service and sacrifice of local veterans. Since 2014, the IMVHOF has held induction classes of veterans from World War II through current engagements in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The First 100 designation is given to the first 100 individuals or companies who donate $1,000 or more toward IMVHOF efforts to recognize and honor Hoosier veterans.

“We are very proud to be among the First 100 supporters of the Indiana Military Veteran’s Hall of Fame,” commented Hoosier Hills Credit Union President and CEO George McNichols. “This is a great organization which has pledged 100% of all contributions will be devoted to honoring our veterans.”

For more information about the Indiana Military Veteran’s Hall of Fame, visit imvhof.com.

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