Huntingburg cracking down on signs in public right-of-ways

The many signs that you see along streets in Huntingburg should begin going away soon.

According to the city unified development ordinance, these types of non-governmental signs are prohibited in public right-of-ways, which includes the areas along city streets and state highways in the city. Indiana Department of Transporation has recently confirmed that it is the responsibility of the city to enforce its sign regulations along state highway right-of-way.

Due to the many complaints regarding the number of signs appearing along the city streets and state highway in the right-of-ways, the City of Huntingburg will begin removing them. Non-governmental signs may not be placed between the curb line and the far edge of the sidewalk. Signs on private property with the permission of the owner are permitted so long as they meet the type, size, and placement regulations of Chapter 3.I of the City’s UDO.

Effective immediately, any non-governmental sign placed in any city or state right of way will be removed and taken to the Street Department at 415 W. 19th Street and held for a period of 45 days. If not picked up by the owner, they will be destroyed.