Jasper Community Arts announces Oct/Nov event calendar

Jasper Community Arts announced the Arts Event Calendar of workshops and fun for the months of October and November at the new Thyen-Clark Cultural Center. A variety of workshops are available for all ages. 

In-Person workshops, classes, and Open Studios will be offered for the months of October and November. Workshops being offered include Yoga in the Gallery, Chair Yoga, Bilingual Family Art Classes, Drawing, Fall Craft Time, Spooky Creations, Gratitude Journaling, Adult Clay, Kids Clay, High School/Middle School Clay, Zombie Makeup, Cookies and Canvas, and more.

All workshops and classes will take place at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, 100 3rd Avenue, in Jasper. All fees include any class supplies needed unless otherwise noted. Kids are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing as class may be messy or active. Parents/Guardians are required to sign their child in and out of each class. Students are expected to arrive and be picked up on time.   

A Zoom Sketch class will also be available weekly online with Jasper native, Laura Pommier.  

You may register online at www.jasperarts.org/workshops, by phone, or by mail. For additional information, please call Jasper Community Arts at 812-482-3070 or visit our website, www.jasperarts.org.