Jasper Group launches new healthcare-focused brand, JSI Health

Jasper Group announced the company’s entry into the healthcare market with the launch of JSI Health.

The company made the announcement on its social media channels with a lead-up over the weekend that included glimpses of the five new furniture lines: Kindera, Somna, Satisse, Forge, and Copilot.

“We are incredibly proud to announce that we are introducing a new segment of furniture and services specifically for the healthcare industry,” the company stated in a press release. “At JSI Health, we understand the transformative power that design has on a space. It’s where passion and purpose can flourish, even in challenging times. We believe this environment can inspire people to love where they thrive, love where they care, and ultimately, love where they heal.”

The Jasper company worked with Mike Shields, a designer specializing in healthcare furniture.

“We sought highly functional yet beautiful designs with comfort that feels like home,” the company said. “With the help of Mike Shields, one of the healthcare industry’s most preeminent furniture designers, we had a clear path forward: human-centered design that kept the focus on the interactions, the comfort, and the ease of these individuals. This is why we make exceptional furniture for caregiving, recovery, wellness, and rejuvenation.”

Entering the healthcare space is something we take very seriously – we understand the enormous priority of providing comfort and support where it matters most. This is a journey we began because we knew we could make a difference in people’s lives.