Jasper Street Dept. adjusts operations to weather conditions

With the unpredictable winter temperatures, the Jasper Street Department would like to remind all City of Jasper residents of its winter strategy.

When temperatures/wind chill is extreme, the street department will run two trash and recyclables/cardboard trucks for the route of the specific day of the week of which it falls. This may continue for several days or even weeks depending on the temperatures in an attempt to keep our city workers safe and limit their exposure to the temperatures.

Therefore, we are reiterating the ordinance rules that all trash, recyclables, and cardboard MUST BE AT THE CURB, NO LATER THAN 7:00 A.M. Due to time constraints, the street department CANNOT come back NOR get your trash the next day should you miss the pickup.

The department may not pick up yard waste during extreme temperatures.

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