Kimball International grants $20k & creates Volunteer Time Off program

This week Kimball International is giving back to local and national nonprofit organizations through its foundation, the Kimball International Habig Foundation.

The company announced two donations of $10,000 each during this season of giving and thanks—one to the Santa Claus Community Center and Yellig Park in Santa Claus, Indiana and another to the national non-profit organization, Kids In Need Foundation (KINF).

The donation for the Santa Claus Community Center and Yellig Park will go toward needed facility updates and ground improvements for the location. The Community Center and Park plays a critical role in sustaining community programs and activities, and often hosts social events, youth programs, wellness programs and more.

The donation for the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF), as part of KINF’s football-themed HALFTIME donation campaign, provides support and supplies for under-resourced teachers and their students across the United States as they prepare for the second half of the school year in January.

“We know from KINF and other research that education is a key gateway to a child’s long-term success,” said Kathy Herndon, Director, Communications & Engagement at Kimball International. “As part of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging journey, we wanted to partner with an organization that focused on this social issue. We’re excited to support KINF’s mission to remove barriers for teachers and students in underserved areas by providing much needed supplies.”

In addition to the donations from the Kimball International Habig Foundation, in January 2022 the company will begin offering all United States-based employees 8 hours of paid volunteer time off each year in an effort to continue to give back to and serve local communities.

“One of our guiding principles at Kimball International is that we make our communities great places to live,” said Lonnie Nicholson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kimball International. “By donating to organizations but also empowering our employees to give one of their most valuable resources, their time, to our communities, we are living our company’s purpose which is to be makers of possibilities.”