Led by candlelight to Bethlehem

Downtown Huntingburg was filled with folks this past weekend as the Christmas celebration continued with ice skating in Market Street Park on Saturday, followed by the special Candlelit Christmas parade and Starry Night in Bethlehem.

Visitors could participate in the skating rink set up at the entrance of Market Street Park Saturday evening before heading out to Fourth Street for the parade and then to Salem United Church of Christ for the Starry Night of Bethlehem.
“Feliz Navidad!” Maryelyn Dubon, 8, sang out with members of a group of musicians singing Christmas Carols in Spanish and English near the Huntingburg Town Hall before the parade began.
MThe parade begins at St. Mary’s Catholic Church with the guiding star carried aloft along with shepherds and sheep heading to Salem United Church of Christ for the Starry Night of Bethlehem.
Maizee Randolph, 6, held her candle high as she walked along Fourth Street in the parade Saturday.
Andrea Vazquez, a member of the Southridge Marching Raiders, handed out candy to onlookers as they accompanied the band in the parade Saturday evening.
Santa gets to take a ride in Huntingburg’s antique fire truck.
Eva Miranda, 3, signs into take part in the activities at the Salem United Church of Christ. By signing the paper, visitors participate in the census as Mary and Joseph did in the Christmas story. After signing in, visitors receive a bag with some ‘money’ to pay their taxes from demanding Roman soldiers stationed around the church.
The community room in the church was filled with booths with fun crafts and food for the visitors.
Reggie Fink, 7, attempts to pin the tail on the donkey after taking a few spins while Craig Lubbehusen watches.
Sisters Olivia (10) and Sophie (7) Blair rolled out dough to be made into pretzels by the volunteers at the church. Once they finished rolling, folding and twisting their dough, they could return to the booth in about 10 minutes to pick up their baked masterpieces.
Lilah Rasche (right) and Aubrey Hargett were the angels guiding visitors to see Baby Jesus.
In the sanctuary, visitors learned more about what Christmas night was like for Mary and Joseph from Kathy Haller (not pictured). She read the story of Jesus’ birth and then asked questions of the audience before nearby shepherds led the visitors back to the market. This year, Morgan Rust portrayed Mary in the nativity scene with her children, Hudson as Baby Jesus and Emma as a guardian angel, along with Wyatt Menke as Joseph.