Letter: A new “McCarthyism”

A believer in the Big Lie, a shameless leader worshiper, and a suppressor of all dissent in his own party — Kevin McCarthy has given a new definition to the term “McCarthyism.”

Scott Newton, Jasper


  1. The residents of Wyoming elected Liz Cheney to be their representative in The House of Representatives, they didn’t elect her to be queen of Wyoming. Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump went against the will of the citizens of Wyoming and The Wyoming Republicans censured her for that vote. Instead of apologizing to the citizens of Wyoming for not representing their wishes, she doubled down on her vote to impeach.

    You can’t be a leader in Your own party, when the citizens of your own state, don’t want you to lead them.

    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN.

    1. “Benghazi. You guys chased the former secretary of state all over the country, spent millions of dollars. We have people scaling the Capitol, hitting the Capitol police with lead pipes across the head, and we can’t get bipartisanship. What else has to happen in this country? Cops: this is a slap in the face to every rank-and-file cop in the United States. If we’re going to take on China, if we’re going to rebuild the country, if we’re going to reverse climate change, we need two political parties in this country that are both living in reality—and you ain’t one of them.” – Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH)

    2. Why should Cheney bow to terrorist sympathizers? Republicans stormed the Capitol with the intent to kill Pence and anyone else they could get their hands on. None of the planners are being held accountable and are now defended by the GOP. That makes them complicit. If Cheney is evicted for daring to suggest that the events of January 6th were wrong, then the country is lost.

      If the typical GOP voter approves of Jan 6th then They are not to be trusted in any circumstance. At this point I don’t trust standing next to a conservative when getting groceries. They might get some secret Qanon code word and do something drastic.

      1. Wow! How do you even know if the person next to you at the grocery store is a conservative? Maybe you can ask the store where you shop to open a checkout for liberals only to ensure your safety. C’mon Man !

        1. I can take an educated guess. Odds are they are screaming at the cashier about an expired coupon. Pretty much happened every time I went to the Jasper Walmart.

          One even had a MAGA hat on once.

          But the point stands. If you make conservatism a part of your identity, I want nothing to do with you. I’ve cut family members out of my life over this.

          1. How are are you going to try to justify your behavior while standing before God when your time comes?

          2. Easily. I chose not to associate with evil people who only know what to destroy or supress. That worshiped a false idol in Trump, that actively killed 500,000 of their fellow Americans by refusing a slight inconvenience at the expense of their vulnerable neighbors and seek to oppress minorities also of gods creation.

            As far as I can tell about the afterlife, I’m confident in the state of my soul. How about you Clyde?

  2. “You can’t be a leader in Your own party, when the citizens of your own state, don’t want you to lead them.”

    Apply that statement to Trump….NYC boy. NY citizens overwhelmingly voted for Biden.

    1. No I just thought it was a great quote from the other day in the house. Needs to be shared as much as possible.

      I don’t have fakebook

  3. I just can’t believe this is the popular opinion in Dubois County. I think someone who grew up here, and sees this, and lives here needs to say, no.

    1. Not to worry, it’s not the popular opinion here. It’s just that a few local fringe-left radicals trying to emulate and connect with everything from the blm and “squad” politics/ philosophies to the Portland and Seattle crazies, like to come out of the woodwork and trash Republicans and conservatism. Make no mistake, there are decent, civil-minded democrats, but these relatively few dem-extremist-socialists are like the big-city, big-business and media-controlled SICKOs to be sure, making wild claims against conservatives that in reality reflect the mirror evil images and actions of themselves against humanity, devaluing life, and void of any scruples of decency and respect. It’s the good, decent dems who will eventually/ultimately root out these snakes in their own grass.

      1. Please direct me to any Democrat, blue dog or otherwise, that supported Trumps attempted coup on January 6th from then until now.

  4. Plus, Democrat representatives are the ones allowing jews to be killed. We Republicans are on the side of Israel and the Jews.

  5. How did you go from Liz Chaney to Jews being killed in Israel???
    Stay on topic, dude.

    1. Because ZERO republicans can ever hold their people accountable, unless they go against the party line. They feel they can do no wrong just because Democrats exist.

      It’s a cult masquerading as a political party.

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