Letter: Bill due on 2017 tax cut

Raising the federal debt ceiling is the mechanism by which the federal government pays the debts it has already incurred. Raising the debt ceiling does not allocate new funding to support future policies and programs.

During the Trump administration, Republicans added trillions of dollars to the federal debt. (Remember the 2017 corporate tax cut that was “going to pay for itself?” Well, it didn’t.) However, now that their bills have come due, Mitch McConnell says not one Republican will vote to raise the debt ceiling in order to pay them. He wants the Democrats to cast that vote by themselves, even though Democrats voted against most Republican spending initiatives under Trump.

Mitch McConnell is gambling with shutting down the government and putting the nation in default.

And to imagine we all thought paying your debts was a hallmark of Republican conservatism.

The vote on the bill to raise the federal debt ceiling comes this week. Contact your representative to encourage her to vote in favor of it.

Scott Newton, Jasper