Letter: Boehm endorses Knies for Jasper Clerk-Treasurer

Because I, Juanita Boehm, served as the Jasper Clerk-Treasurer for 24 years, I know what qualifications are needed for this position. I know first-hand that Kiersten Knies has those required qualifications. Therefore, I am pleased to endorse Kiersten Knies for the position of Jasper Clerk-Treasurer.

Kiersten not only has the proper qualifications, but she also has the enthusiasm and a deep commitment to our community’s growth. The Clerk-Treasurer does not decide what is in the budget but rather compiles the information submitted by the department heads and other City officials. Then, it is the job of the Clerk-Treasurer to provide a clear financial picture to the Mayor and Council members
so they can make well-informed and educated decisions regarding the budget.

After the 2024 budget ordinance was passed on first reading at the September 2023 council meeting, a council member complimented Kiersten Knies, her staff, and the City Department Heads by stating the budget preparation and process this year was excellent and the easiest they have had for a few years. All the other council members agreed.

That speaks highly of Kiersten.

I know Kiersten will work hard to protect the City of Jasper’s finances and to ensure your tax dollars are used wisely and efficiently. I am definitely voting for Kiersten Knies, and I ask that you do the same.

Respectfully submitted by Juanita Boehm
Former Jasper Clerk-Treasurer