Letter: Celebrate manufacturing’s impact on local economy October 1

Each year, Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is held on the first Friday of October in order to show parents, students, and the general public what modern manufacturing is all about.

The fourth industrial revolution is rapidly changing our world. New advanced manufacturing techniques and technology bring about new careers and also require a skilled workforce interested in pursuing them.

From engineers, data analysts, robotics technicians, customer service staff and line workers — and any and all operations in between – there is a place for everyone in manufacturing.

The wood furniture industry has been one of the most important factors in the economic development of Jasper and Dubois County. When first founded, the city was located in an area of vast forest land.

The wood office furniture, household furniture, and hotel furniture industries developed from the hand-crafted products produced by pioneer tradesmen. The art of high-quality wood furniture and cabinetry was handed down through generations and perfected over the years.

In addition to the woodworking and furniture industries – the city and county have now expanded to produce much more than wood products. Businesses in this area include regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized companies involved in a large array of manufactured, re-manufactured, poultry, and wholesale-distributed products.

Business and industry have been the bedrock of Jasper and Dubois County’s quality of life.

Apart from the obvious economic benefits, local businesses are well-known for generously investing back into the community whether raising funds for the hospital or schools (and so much more), the local businesses recognize the value of being good corporate citizens. 

So, looking to Friday, October 1 as Manufacturing Day, the Jasper Chamber would like to thank the business and industry sector of the Jasper and Dubois County region who make the products that keep us safe, work so hard to provide employment, to enrich the lives of our citizens and to provide countless opportunities for our communities and the workforce.

Take time on Friday, October 1 (Manufacturing Day) to thank anyone who is employed in the manufacturing industry.

Nancy Eckerle, Jasper Chamber of Commerce Director