Letter: Democrats are delivering a better future for Indiana families

Wednesday, three Dubois County Democrat county officeholders announced they are changing their party affiliation to Republican and have filed to run in the Dubois County GOP

It’s unfortunate but understandable when Mr. Greulich and Mrs. Giesler chose to change parties due to their political beliefs. But it is disappointing to hear the prosecutor use canned talking points as an excuse to switch party affiliation.

Democrats — not Republicans – fully-funded the state’s READI economic development program and also invested in local law enforcement through the American Rescue Plan, sending $8.2 million to Dubois County, which the Indiana Republican Party opposed and called ‘socialism’.

Indiana Democrats are delivering for Dubois County as well as every county and community in the State, regardless of politics, because it’s time to create a better future for our families.

E. Thomasina Marsili, Chairperson, Indiana 8th District, Democratic Party & Mike Kendall,
Chairperson, Dubois County Democratic Party


    1. So the prosecutor in Dubois County, Indiana is changing his party affiliation because he doesn’t feel comfortable in discharging his duties while Democrats like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi are currently in positions of power? This begs the question. What is it about the national Republican Party, starring Donald Trump. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Paul Gozar that allows the prosecutor in Dubois County, Indiana to more conscientiously pursue meth heads, drunks, and child abusers?

      The prosecutor’s office is a political one. It sounds as if someone has bought into the theory that if you scratch a Dubois County Democrat, you’ll find a Republican.

      1. Scott you completely misrepresented what the County Prosecutor said. Quinn said, “While I greatly appreciate the support I have been given by the local Democratic Party over the years, they have recently taken a more national political view that is not in line with my personal values,” he said. “I feel they have lost sight of what is and has been traditionally important to the people of Dubois County.

        Those progressive leftists Democrats who have returned home to Dubois County from Indianapolis have brought their leftists values back to Dubois County and now rule the local party. I suggest, that based upon the election losses locally by the Democrats, Prosecutor Quinn and the other former Democrats are correct in their analysis. I guess the local Democratic leaders are happy they changed so they can place more leftists candidates on the ticket. No room for Joe Manchin type candidates in the local Democratic Party?

        Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN.

        1. Then why did the prosecutor run in 2020 if he had such qualms. The Democrat platform was no secret at the time.

          From my experience, Left leaning people are leaving places like Dubois County where if they let their political views come out into the open they get death threats and denied opportunities to advance in their careers. Both of which happened to me in the last year. I think after Republican behavior in the last year, it’s not worth risking their lives to live in place where the main attraction is a decent German Restaurant and an ok amusement park. Blue cities. Red corn. The cycle continues.

          Democratic leaders know that It would take a biblical-sized event to flip Dubois County blue. But for those brave enough to stay they need to be the opposition voice accurately. Not pander to opportunists who can change their views at will.

  1. The only future I see Democrats bringing is a future of high gasoline prices, low economic growth, paying people not to work, unreasonable COVID lock-downs, and radical abortion policies.

  2. the New (current) democratic will destroy America as we know it. Change can be good, but catering to minority viewpoints does NOT represent the majority. Locally democrats may not be the issue, but the ones high on the hill are destroying life happiness and the american way. Whoever wrote this opinion need to wake up soon, very soon.

    1. Majority of Americans voted for Biden.

      I totally agree with not letting the minority snowflakes get their way just cause their guy lost.

      Don’t forget to Vote for Mike’s highway. Then put a sign up in your yard saying your against it.

  3. It is interesting to read this letter from these two guys. Republicans have controlled the statehouse for years now and whatever has come from the state to Dubois County was done by the Republicans in control. The Democrats had very little to say what we got and the same holds true for other counties. These three persons realized that their beliefs aligned with the Republicans which I have said for years that Dubois County was a conservative county and I could not see why they always voted Democrat. It has changed over the last few years and now is controlled by the Republicans. Thanks to those three candidates for the decision to do this. We will welcome more !

  4. I been a Dem my whole life. The dirty things they did to Trump was horrible. My Mom DID NOT raise me to be or act that horrible.
    People that change are seeing the light ! Its the EXTREME hateful Dems that is destroying that party.
    Just remember, if you think everyone is treating Biden terrible, dont forget, 19 minutes after Trump became president, impeachment was in order.

    1. Remember when Biden called white supremacists “good people”?

      Trump was facing impeachment (the first time) because of his open arms to Russia. Yes he did have a meeting with Russians looking for dirt on Hillary at trump tower… That would be called collusion. This is a fact.

      Oh yeah but let’s forget that Trump was the first person to say Obama wasn’t an American and he had proof… I guess that proof is with the same “evidence” that Trump won the 2020 election.

      And that little thing called a coup that he tried Jan 6th.

      And didn’t he have to pay back 2.8 million that he took from the Vets from a fake charity? He bought a 10k painting of himself with vets money! True also…

      But yeah Dems are the ones that were mean…. What a joke of a statement.

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