Letter: Good luck, Mr. Nunes

Devin Nunes is leaving Congress to become CEO of Donald Trump’s newest venture, the Media and Technology Group. Let’s hope this latest effort fares better than Trump’s previous entrepreneurial attempts, all of which ended in bankruptcy:

Trump Airlines
Trump Vodka
Trump Water
Trump Ice
Trump Casinos (You’ve got to work real hard to bankrupt a casino.)
Trump Magazine
Trump Mortgage
Trump University
Trump Frozen Steaks
Trump’s Plaza Hotel
The Trump Network
Trump’s USFL New Jersey Generals
Tour de Trump
Trump: the Fragrance (Apparently few men wanted to smell like Donald Trump.)

Chin up, Devin. You’re working with a business Titan.

Scott Newton, Jasper


  1. I don’t this is the best place for such comments, but.
    Gee… I miss Donald Trump.00

  2. It’s no wonder everyone is still so obsessed with Donald Trump. Joe Biden really is that bad.

      1. Really a Trump dictatorship? Did Trump make unconstitutional mandates for vaccines? So you must really love paying twice as much for a gallon of gas and more for groceries and a failing economy, with increased inflation and out of control spending?

        1. Yes.

          I prefer literally anything than what would have happened if Trump and his angry mob got their on January 6th. Anything.

        2. Hmmm, shelves were bare around here in April 2020, stock market was crashing and unemployment rate was close to 15%. Tell me again who the President was then? Gas was cheap because nobody was driving and planes weren’t flying. Maybe you’ve heard of supply and demand?

  3. Glad you can laugh about it Scott. I just hope Nunes and all the Trumpist traitors phones are tapped. Trumps probably given the Russians the roadmap the conquering Ukraine at this point. Probably a few blue states while their at it.

    After all, his phone call was perfect. Just not the one we heard.

  4. MAYBE YOU ARE NOT A TRUMP FAN; BUT MANY ARE. I agree with Stevo and Frank. This is not the place.

    1. What is a good place then? Why can’t Scott practice his freedom of expression here? Why should this be a safe space for Trump lovers?

  5. If you cant tell who was the better President or most popular, im not sure where you go. I have still not seen a Biden sign, flag, hat, nor shirt ANYWHERE.

    1. That’s because nobody wants to get their car trashed by Trump thugs The sooner that SOB is in jail the better.

    2. Shirts and hats don’t vote.

      Normal people don’t spend their lives savings on crappy memorabilia for any President. Much less one whose only accomplishment as a one term president was making a lot of money for himself.

      We used to treat our presidents as people not as superheroes. Trumpists have forgotten that and anything less than undying loyalty is treated as sinful. Trump supporters have more or less added him to the holy trinity. (Quadrinity?)

      I appreciate it though. It reminds me that I should keep a wide birth from someone who is clearly deranged.

  6. Good for Nunes. Like many, I laughed when I first heard Trump was running for president, but I despaired when Biden announced and I’m certainly not laughing, now. Trump wasn’t perfect and neither is Biden…but to err on the side of Trump’s unabashed patriotism and support for a strong offense (the best defense), law and order, and the traditional values that made this country great, just to name a few and even with his faults/shortcomings, is far better than what we now have. Sad, pitiful.

    1. Trump wants to be Putin. You really think it would be good for America to be an authoritarian state like Russia? Since when was rampant corruption a traditional American value?

  7. 14 failures and still has a net worth of $2.5 Billion – Yea, its called taking risk in the business world. Sometimes it works, sometime it don’t.

    Lets talk a little common sense on being a President. Under Trump we were energy independent and paying around $2.00 (or less) per gallon for gas. Biden cuts the energy production off and Gas goes to $3.39 a gallon, home heating fuel has doubled and it all being felt in the local consumers pocket, while our fearless leader goes back to OPEC asking them to increase crude production, so we can have more. REALY? Our country is currently the laughing stock of the world.

  8. I have gotten positive comments on my small bumper sticker supporting Biden / Harris. Every one thought it was brave of me to have it on my car. Does this sound like we live in a free society? Trump supporters want a dictatorship where their “president” can do any illegal or immoral thing he wants. Especially if it makes the rich richer, and himself, of course. And since when have you ever seen such foul mouthed bad behavior from “fans” being supported and lauded by a political party (Republicans)? Every day it’s a new offense to decency. Pose with your kids all holding guns by the Christmas tree like 2 Republicans in Congress just did? There’s nothing wrong with kids having guns, but using this card as a political statement? EW. Would you ever have dreamed up this nonsense 5 years ago? I was in a line at the bank driveup one day when some Trump jerk in the line saw my tiny bumper sticker that only says Biden/Harris on it. He took offense and stared blasting a F*** Biden song loud enough to be heard thru closed windows 2 cars away. What is wrong with these people? I AM afraid of them, it’s like they’ve drunk the Koolaid of cultists and normal rational thought no longer reaches them. I can only pray that the majority of decent Americans pays attention and votes to keep Republicans OUT.

  9. 4 comments qualifies as obsession now? I should have been committed a long time ago and that’s just for basketball.

    Since it seems I struck a nerve, How much money have you donated to Trump campaigns, Stevio? How much Trump apparel do you own? Then let’s talk about who needs their head checked.

    1. Talking politics with a CNN/MSNBC viewer is like playing chess with a pigeon. Eventually, the pigeon will knock over all the pieces, crap all over the board, and proudly strut away.

  10. A list for what? Criticizing Trump? Using a public comment section for letters and articles that tend to discuss Trump? That I don’t like a guy who attempted a coup this year and is actively and openly plotting to do it again? Fine. Guilty. I guess when the coup does happen you’ll get your wish.

    But I’m impressed James that you’ve followed my comments for five years. That’s strange considering I haven’t really made comments here until last year. I’m sorry you are so bothered by what I write. Who’s the weird one here?

    Also hey Editors or whoever approves comments here? Can you clarify what the policy is on what types of comments are allowed? I had a comment deleted this year for calling someone a simpleton meanwhile two people can insult my mental health and it gets approved. Some guidelines would be helpful going forward. Thanks.

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