Letter: Hagan’s story fascinating part of Dubois County history

A native of Huntingburg, I found your story giving part of Ms. Glenda Steele’s research into Mrs. Ida Hagan fascinating, and I came away with the sincere hope that Dubois County is claiming her for their own on a national stage.

If her only accomplishment were this:

“When grandpa could not find anyone to help him care for my grandmother and their four youngest children when the flu epidemic broke out (1918) Ida was the only one in the area who came to help.” it ought to be enough. The 1918 worldwide PAN-demic killed 500 million people: 675,000 in the United States, according to the CDC. Most people were terrified of exposure by the time it was over.

Her “firsts” in the post office, and in pharmacy, especially given her humble beginnings, should seal it.

If Dubois County wasn’t necessarily helpful in her accomplishments, they could do themselves proud now by taking pride in Mrs. Ida and holding her up as an example to their current citizens and schoolchildren.

A good start would be getting her story into Wikipedia if nothing more than listing her as a “Notable Person” in the existing Dubois County article.

Thank you for a great article.

David Nelson

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