Letter: How will the Mid-State Corridor impact the Amish

Has anyone taken the time to ask our Amish neighbors what they think of the Mid-State Corridor project? How do they feel about their quiet community being disrupted with construction? With increased traffic noise? With their roads dead-ending into a 4-lane highway? With their farms being cutoff? With minimal safe crossings? With their businesses losing traffic due to by-passes?

Although they are pretty self-sustaining, will they benefit, or will their way of life be forever changed? Can they be assured these changes will have a positive impact on them and their futures? Will the quaint, pastoral life be preserved? Or, will it belong to the past? Could it all be gone with the wind?

Let us not forget that we are all neighbors and we are all in this together. Lincoln was correct in saying that “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Let’s not become that divided house. Let’s rally together and continue to oppose the Mid-State Corridor project.

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County