Letter: Memorial Gym not an ‘old barn’

Evansville Courier & Press writer Gordon Engelhardt compared Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium to an “old barn” in his article posted in the paper this past Sunday.

He wrote, “With McCarty in the house, or historic old barn to be more accurate, Heritage Hills coach Nate Hawkins said the entire Patriots’ team was energized,” in the article published January 20 titled Heritage Hills’ Sisley shines under watchful eye of UE coach McCarty.

Our gymnasium was designed to accommodate about 6,000 fans. When entering the building at ground level, fans seated anywhere in the gym have a great view of the action down on the court. 

There has been a lot of basketball history generated in the Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium.

For the size of Huntingburg, we are fortunate to have a newly renovated high school football stadium with state of the art turf, league stadium for the boys high school baseball team, state of the art girls high school softball complex and a 67-year-old basketball gymnasium that is a Southern Indiana icon,  NOT AN OLD BARN!    

Tim Wehr, Huntingburg

3 Responses to Letter: Memorial Gym not an ‘old barn’

  1. Dave Small January 23, 2019 at 1:43 pm #

    It may be 67 years old but it is a jewel. Not a bad seat in it. There is a lot of basketball history in that special place. I was fortunate to have played in one of the top ten games ever played in it as voted by the local fans for the first 50 years. Ireland vs Springs Valley Sectional Finals 1963.

  2. Jeff Cochren January 23, 2019 at 9:01 pm #

    Actually the term Old Barn has been used in many stories I’ve read about basketball gymnasiums over the years and is more a term of endearment for an old gymnasium. I have to believe Mr. Engelhardt was using the term in that way as no one who values Indiana basketball and its historic gymnasiums could think of HMG in a bad way. It is a special place and I’m proud our kids were energized there in the old barn Friday night for a big win.

  3. Jeff Cochren January 23, 2019 at 9:19 pm #

    Just found Gordon Engelhardt’s column in the Courier from November 14, 2017 in which Southridge AD Brett Bardwell referred to HMG as “The Barn” so my guess is that’s why he stated it that way in his article on the game.