Letter: Mid-States Corridor bad for local farmers

The article in the February 21, 2024 issue of the Martin County Journal titled “Indiana remains a top agricultural state according to new census” is spot on and should provide reason enough to oppose the Mid-State Corridor. It lists Dubois and Daviess counties in the top five Indiana counties for the largest number of farms (Daviess) and the highest value of agriculture production (Dubois).

The Mid-State Corridor will go right through the prime agricultural areas of both Daviess and Dubois counties. The number of farms will shrink, as well as the value of agriculture production.

Daviess, Dubois and Martin County are all served with well-maintained highways that facilitate the easy movement of local agriculture traffic and farm-to-market roads. The Mid-State Corridor will, in addition to paving over farms, make local traffic more difficult, cut off access to farms, add long “drive-arounds,” increase hazardous crossing conditions and generally make life difficult for the farmers. Congratulations to our farmers and the great job they are doing. 

Let’s all support our farmers and continue to oppose the Mid-State Corridor.

The primaries are just around the corner. Don’t forget that every vote counts, so vote for the candidates that oppose the Mid-State Corridor. 

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County