Letter: Mid-States Corridor bigger than political parties

As 2024 begins let’s remember that the opposition to the Mid-State Corridor is not a political one. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, a Republican or something in between, the Corridor is not to our mutual benefit.

My father’s family were all Democrats, albeit moderates, and my mother’s were all Republicans. As a kid I listened to the “grown-ups” discuss (argue) politics. What I remember was that although they differed on how to get things done, they all agreed that what was best for the community was the best solution. We all need to rally together in our opposition to the Mid-State Corridor, as I feel this is the best solution for our communities.

Regardless of your political persuasion it’s important that we keep this topic alive. We need to continue to support all who oppose the Corridor, attend any meetings that are held, write letters, have conversations but above all, keep the opposition alive.

As you start to look over the candidates for local and state office, see if any of them mention the Corridor. Regardless of party, try and support those candidates that oppose the Corridor. They are the ones who believe like we do that small towns and rural areas are the backbone of our great country.

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County