Letter: Mid-States corridor not our friend

Is the road in front of your home in need of repair? I know mine is. I’m not sure when the last time it was paved, if ever. Yet, our government representatives know that we need and want a new highway through our homes.

These are the kinds of things that really demonstrate how bad their thinking is. We all need to drive on our crumbling local roads every day for the most mundane of things like shopping, church, work, or, heaven forbid, an emergency. Yet, we “need” a new billion-dollar highway.

We, the residents of Martin, Daviess, and Dubois counties, need to stay awake and not be lulled into apathy. The Mid-State Corridor is not our friend, nor are any of its supporters.

Keep talking to your neighbors, friends, family and anyone who will listen. We must protect our communities. We must protect our homes. We must stop the corridor.

Jim Arvin, Rutherford Township, Martin County