Letter: MidStates Corridor study does not add up

Recently I read the article on the Economic Study for the Mid-States Corridor commissioned by Dubois Strong. I looked up the study and after reading the entire 200+ page report in detail there are numerous assumptions and estimations that just do not add up.

The study projects that with the addition of this highway the population could double to 82,000 in Dubois County several years after completion. Do we really want or need that much growth? Are we trying to become a major metro area? Are there better ways to grow at a more reasonable and sustainable rate? Maybe focus on the addition of affordable housing?

The individuals supporting this effort have been promoting that this highway will help bring in more businesses that offer high-paying jobs, yet the study talks about more gas stations, restaurants, and hotels along the highway. Will these types of businesses offer high-paying jobs?

In another section, they give examples of “similar” highway projects, but three of the four examples were expanding an existing two-lane road to four lanes. None of these examples give evidence of added growth and business.

These are just a few examples of the misguided assumptions in this self-serving study being pushed on the residents of Dubois, Spencer, and other counties that would be affected by this highway just to appease a few large businesses in Jasper and Huntingburg.

It is also obvious these supporters of the highway do not care about how this will affect the residents of other counties like Orange, or the negative environmental impacts it will have.

There are over 5,500 signatures of residents in Dubois County alone that are opposed to this project and I am sure there are thousands more throughout the other counties against this highway. 

Mark Nowotarski, Jasper