Letter: No endorsement from American Lung Association for coal-to-diesel

Local citizens and public health groups have stood together in opposition to the proposed coal-to-diesel refinery in Dale.

Speakers at the public hearing on December 5 in Lincoln City opposed the project by a seven-to-one ratio. Which is why it was surprising that a letter by Ray Striegel in December (“Dale Town Council president speaks on C2D plant”) bizarrely implied that the American Lung Association endorses the proposed coal-to-diesel refinery.

The American Lung Association is one of our nation’s premier public health organizations. The ALA seeks to save lives by preventing lung disease, and fights for laws that protect the air we all breathe. 

Such an endorsement would be astonishing. The proposed refinery will emit massive quantities of toxic air pollution, precisely the opposite of what the American Lung Association would support. 

In fact, after speaking with the ALA, I found there has been no such endorsement. Backers of this high-polluting refinery should stop claiming ALA support and face the reality about their dangerous proposal.

Mary V Hess
Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life

One Response to Letter: No endorsement from American Lung Association for coal-to-diesel

  1. Daryl Hensley February 15, 2019 at 5:29 pm #

    Ms. Hess the assumptions you make are just flat out wrong. You assume that a seven to one ratio at a meeting means that the overall support for your position is overwhelming. You discount the fact that those who chose to not attend do support Riverview Energy project. I did not attend the meeting but I do support the project. I know that over 2000 local area coal miners support the project. I know that several trucking companies and their employees support the project. I can think of a number of construction companies support the project. You assume that sitting in a room with people who want to protest is a good investment of our time? please get a reality check. You can’t debate when people misrepresent the facts and have closed minds to the truth.

    No one said that the American Lung Association supports this project but they do endorse the type of fuel being produced because it is better on the environment than the alternative diesel fuels. Here is the link from the ALA endorsing the type of fuel being produced by RIverview Energy. Ms. Hess please stop misrepresenting the facts. It hurts your argument and it is not fair to put the public through the fact checking to show your wrong.


    Daryl Hensley, Jasper IN

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