Letter: Residents need to be active in Mid-States Corridor progress

Don’t stop at just putting a sign in your yard. If you are one that feels strongly about this issue either because of your own property potentially being impacted or because you care about the environment and farmers, please commit to being more active and attend any and all meetings and rallies regarding the road.

Please plan to attend the next Regional Development Authority (RDA) meeting over this project which will be May 7, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. held at Huntingburg Event Center. This maximum capacity is 50 people.

We were told at the last meeting that anyone can request financial records (combination of public taxpayer dollars and private funds) of the RDA and also that they are working on a website to keep the public informed of their meetings.

Your neighbor,
Marisa Durcholz

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  1. You all had a chance to make a statement about this and yet you all reelected Lindauer with 80% of the vote. I imagine Braun and Messmer will get similar results in the affected counties the next election.

    Enjoy your highway.

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