Letter: Spring is a great reminder why we oppose Mid-States Corridor

Spring is busting out all over; and, we have an eclipse on the way. What a great time to live in rural Indiana. The wonders of nature are all around us.

Recently I had to go to Indianapolis. I decided to take my time and drive up to Bloomington, the old way, US 231 to Indiana 45. At Bloomington I picked up I-69 to Indianapolis. Why am I telling you this? The scenery was amazing, it brought back memories of when I was in college; and, this was the only way to Bloomington. Not only that it reminded me why we are opposed to the Mid-State Corridor. The open farm lands, the forests, the trees and flowers in bloom and the slower pace of driving to be able to enjoy it.

If we allow the Mid-State Corridor, it will intrude and forever remove another piece of rural enjoyment. Instead of the leisurely drive in the country, we will have just another fast-paced highway. We live here in rural Indiana to be away from this, and most of us want to keep the area rural. If one wants a faster pace and everything that comes with it, close at hand are the cities of Bloomington, Evansville, Terre Haute, and yes, Indianapolis.

The Corridor is not necessary, as just a few miles to the West is I-69 with faster speed limit, the loud trucks and the impatient travelers. In order to preserve “our way of life” we must all oppose the Mid-State Corridor. We can do this by voting against any candidate who is in favor of the Corridor, no matter the party. The best grassroots opposition is when you receive any communication, no matter who it’s from, inquiring about your land along the route, just throw it away. If someone comes to your door and wants to talk about buying your property, just say :No thank you”.

We can defeat this project by staying strong and united in our opposition to the Mid-State Corridor.

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County