Letter: Stand firm in opposing the Mid-States Corridor

I am not a political reporter, nor do I want to express political views, other than my opposition to the Mid-State Corridor. That being said I feel compelled to comment, briefly, on Eric Doden’s visit to Loogootee on Friday March 22nd. Mr. Doden presented himself well and spoke compellingly about rural communities throughout the state. It was apparent that small towns are where his heart is. He understands our frustrations and plans to act on behalf of our communities as the Governor.

I was disheartened that more people were not at the Loogootee City Hall to meet him; but, that may have been due to the lack of notice, not even the press was there. Maybe it was a busy news day elsewhere.

The law that allows the creation of Regional Development Authorities (RDA) was enacted in good faith by our legislature. Its intent was to give local communities a stake in big-ticket local projects, and, in some areas of the state, mostly up North, they have been very successful. However, here in our area the RDA for the Mid-State Corridor is what it was never meant to be. Here, it’s controlled not by the people of the communities but by a group of local politicians and businessmen, led by Sen. Braun, for their own self-serving interests. This is readily apparent if you were to go to the RDA’s website and read the letters and articles. The commentary is overwhelmingly negative, which indicates almost universal local opposition. If this were to be brought to a vote, it would not pass.

Remember, we can stop the corridor with one simple word: “No.” Those of us in the path of the Mid-State Corridor must be steadfast in our opposition. Don’t be bullied by people offering to buy your land or sign any contracts. It will take less than 50% of us to say no. We can stop the Mid-State Corridor as long as we stay united in our opposition.

Jim Arvin
Rutherford Township
Martin County